4 Piece Mini Bungee Cords -10″” x 25 cm : ( Pack of 2 Packs) (TOOL ESSENTIALS: TA-29275-Z02)


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Product Description

This set of 4 mini bungee cords will have many uses at home, and for travel. They are great for camping, hiking, gardening, crafts, etc. Each cord is 10 inches long by 25cm in diameter, and they work just like the larger bungees. These are perfect for all your smaller jobs.

  • There are 4 mini bungee cords in the package, and the package weighs about 2 ounces
  • Each bungee cord is 10 inches long and 25 cm in diameter
  • There are 4 different color combinations is the package
  • You will find many uses for these little bungee cords at home and when you travel
  • These bungee cords are great for wrapping wires and cables and for holding curtains back
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