Aluminum Compass – Nostalgic Design & Pendant Loop (TRAVERSE: PC-00820)


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Product Description

You can carry this compass with you wherever you go or you can wear it on a chain or a lanyard so it’s always handy. This compass has an aluminum body with a nostalgic design and a hanging hoop at the top. This one will keep you going in the right direction.

  • Nostalgic design is attractive and the aluminum body is heavy-duty for travel and play
  • Large compass face has a 1.75 inches diameter – even good for those visually impaired
  • Hanging loop on top can be used to add to a lanyard, necklace, snap hook, keys, beltloop and more
  • Includes N, E, S, W and SW, NE, NW and SE.- Also includes numbers up to 340
  • Ideal for the outdoors, hiking, hunting, fishing, children’s toy, camping and more!
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