Great Outdoor Pk Box


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This ?hot? new box of heat-activated warmers packs in more than 460 hours of total heat ? allowing hunters to continue to enjoy the great outdoors in warmth and comfort, on any hunt in any situation. This conveniently packaged, three-day supply of heat warmers contains 46 individual warmers each distinctively designed for a specific body part. Twelve pairs of Heat Factory Hand Warmers? are perfect for keeping trigger fingers warm and steady for up to ten hours each. Six large versatile Heat Factory Body Warmers? will keep any body part warm by generating a whopping twenty hours of heat each. These body warmers can also be tossed into your sleeping bag for a warm nights rest or slipped into clothing pockets for all-day warmth in the field. And, since frost-bitten feet tend to take the brunt of the pain when the body is cold, six pairs of Heat Factory Toe Warmers? and two pairs of Heat Factory Footwarmer Insoles? are also included, ensuring your feet stay frost-bite free ? even when strapped into oxygen-deprived environments such as heavy-duty hunting boots. (12MINI 6LARGE 6TOE 2INSOLES)

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