Sportsman Series Sportsman Series Single Burner Portable Gas Stove


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Product Description

Easily feed a crowd at the campsite or before a game with the Sportsman Series Single Burner Portable Gas Stove. Since it runs on LPG fuel, liquid propane gas, an easy to find, affordable, and convenient to carry fuel source, this lightweight and Portable Gas Stove can easily travel with you. It can even fit in the truck of your car! Standing only 14 inches tall and ensures that the top of your stock pot is at just the right height for cooking. Don’t let the small size fool you, the cast iron burner with steel legs can easily hold a large stock pot full of chili or gumbo. A regulator hose is included in the box. Propane tank not included.

  • Great for camping and tailgating. Easily make chili or gumbo for a crowd. Lightweight and portable, weighs only 10 lbs. Runs on LPG, liquid propane gas. 14 in.
  • Height is perfect for cooking outdoors with any size stock pot. Cast iron burner with steel legs. Includes regulator hose.
  • Measures 12 in.W x 12 in.D x 14 in.H, propane tank not included.
  • Material: Cast Iron, Steel. Color: Black. Warranty: 90 Day Limited.
  • Weight: 10 Lbs.Dimension: 12″”Lx12″”Wx14″”H
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