Vivere Outdoor Camping Brazilian Style Hammock – Single (Desert Moon)


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Product Description

Brazilian Hammocks offer an ultimate form of comfort and relaxation. These hammocks are tightly woven with high quality cotton thread to prevent colours from running. A natural choice for a Caribbean experience. Capacity: 250lbs. Hammock Bed: 79″” x 55″”. Length: 132″”. Material: Cotton. Made in China. Warranty: 12 Months. Instruction: Hand Washing: Place the hammock into a sink or bathtub by holding both of the end loops. Immerse the hammock in warm water and slowly add a mild detergent, but keep the end loops out of the water. Using your hands, massage the hammock as well as the end strings until the hammock is clean. After washing, rinse the hammock with clean water. Finally, hang it in a place to dry. Machine Washing: Bring both end loops together by folding the hammock in half. This will prevent the strings from getting tangled from the agitation and spinning in a washing machine. Once the end strings are tied, place the hammock in a pillow case and tie the pillow case closed. Use mild detergent with your wash cycle and use cold water for your rinse and spin cycle. After the rinse cycle, carefully remove the hammock from the pillow case and untie the strings. Storage: Before putting your hammock into storage, make sure it is completely dry and clean. Tie the end strings together with a piece of string just below the loops and 3/4 of the way towards the bed of the hammock. This will help keep the hammock from being soiled. If you see any mold or mildew appear on your hammock, wash with a mild detergent. Do Not Use Bleach. Assembly Required: NO. Instructions Included: NO. Hardware Included (Description): NO.

  • Dense cotton weave. Material: Cotton. Color: Desert Moon.
  • Made in China. Warranty: 12 Months.
  • Hammock Bed Size: 79
  • Hammock Bed Total Lenght: 132
  • Capacity: 250lbs.
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